Education & Learning

The School of Life is the best experience that the ÉlményPark Educational Institutions have ever given you. In the extremely authentic illusion of encountering Reality, our students take on the lessons they have missed so far through their own fault or beyond.

For this learning, with which my holographic enterprise selflessly contributes to raising the quality of the upper levels, our students need only a brief guide to successful navigation. And this is the Compass of Life. You are on the right track if you check all four at once.


If not, you will surely find yourself in an educational life situation. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that since there are no coincidences, there is no place for a complaint! Our students may not leave the area and time planes of the Educational Institution until they pass the Exams.

Patinated Educational Institution Opening

Welcome to our new students at our school, which will be one of the most original educational institutions ... it will be sometime, you are the first grade!

Since we are not only present in one reality, not even on one plane of existence, this Patina comes from the future! To be among those who lived the heroic age in such a grandiose plan is the big thing. There are also many envious eyes staring at you, looking here in dumbly and blinking foolishly, but one always finds it harder to see the historical moment in the present. I am also happy to welcome you who have won this admission. While it may be easy, they don’t see this as a prize at first, I’m sure they’ll see it quite differently at the end of the training program.

Many of our students are already anchored in people. It also involves a lot of instructive adventures for them, which makes education more meaningful to them. You are here because the admonitions were ignored at the time. Does anyone else remember that? No? Then I'll tell you what they were. The first one ... when I found my paper, yes, the very first one was, "it's an experimental frequency and you don't know what you're doing." And right below, "turn back immediately, because you have no idea where you jumped." It really is not possible to put more information in such a short time, so whoever did not deter it from entering, well, they became the first enthusiastic test subjects of the ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark) Holoplatform.

Of these test subjects, you became the ones who also became worthy to learn here and did a lot for it to be here. But this will only be understood later, two long after the first shock. As far as I know, you trusted that if you settle on the back of the one who goes to the divine level, you will enter there with him. Then you haven’t read the fine print, which describes in detail the setup of the login system as a whole new authorization system that is much more modern than the old analog method you are familiar with. Thus, after many, many misunderstandings and their clarification, we finally see the common future in one direction, only I make the exit subject to strict quality conditions.

Because what could be more noble than a training-development program where a lot of bumps plug their heads and pull them out of it like noble creatures? No one out there cares that it could take a million years here. So we have time for quality education!

You who carry the flag in the forefront have become part of a History that only the future has really understood, because in the present, unfortunately, they look very stupid. Fortunately, it doesn’t go live because it would be a big disappointment to the world. Because the world knows you quite differently. You are the ones who sacrifice the foundations of the training system and do not care about the difficulties in the name of courage, unity and team spirit. Or it will be you, although I admit that this is really hard to believe.

When I was a student, I didn’t like being slapped a lot on the podium at such times. I hereby open the first year of the first grade!