Healing & Care

When the ÉlményPark rose to the level of the universe, it became a gigantic healing program in the eyes of many beings due to the receipt of a lot of new information. Many are confused with the Galactic Medicine Clinic. Negotiations are currently underway to integrate it into the ÉlményPark system, so they may be involved soon.

Unfortunately, we also have many patients who actively reject treatment. They too can rest assured, because in the person of our warrior healers (unique in the world) they finally fall into expert hands. This skill developed precisely during the battles with them and what else would better guarantee this skill than victory.

Of course, we also have unique healing techniques that the Angels of Light have refrained from so far, but seeing our successes, they are also sending their people here. Such is the case with serial transcriptional healing, which forgets the horrors that angelic souls have experienced in the anomaly, yet traces of these remain in cellular memory to avoid similar incidents in the future. Of course, under the ÉlményPark platform, traditional healings can continue unchanged, for which the platform provides all support.