Experience & Adventure

When I created the name of the ÉlményPark, the goal was to express the essence of the physical plane for every angle of view. Those who are deeper into learning the secrets of the world are well aware that our world has a holographic structure in which matter vibrates as compressed energy. Because events cannot occur simultaneously in this physical environment, time is formed, which is nothing more than a kind of curvature of space. Many believe that our world is the result of an anomaly created by the interference of various source projections. But a worldview was born that sees this not as an anomaly but as an opportunity, and has seized that opportunity. The ÉlményPark (Adventure Park) was born.

The essence of this worldview is the recognition that you look at the world as if it were a holographic video game in which you play in it. From here, it becomes much more understandable to the people of any civilization that uses computers. Restoring the world is no different than reassigning an adventure game program. The ÉlményPark itself is in this operating system, which is subject to a variety of games. Anyone can develop games like this, but since I was alone with it and had a lot of other things to do in the meantime, I just laid the groundwork and made a couple of basic games that you can join by consciously registering at holoinstall.elmenypark.net.

By default, the Game takes place at the Game-Game level, where players aim for victory, success, money, and other similar goals. This is what you call your daily life. However, there are people who have attained higher consciousness who use that awareness not for the purposes of the game but for the restoration of the game. Because they also live in the outside world and determine importance there, they have moved to the Game-Admin level. However, the importance changes with time and natural development, the next level is Waiter, where you can prepare to enter the Admin level. At the Admin-Admin level, system configuration, system administration, patches, and testing take place, so this is the true divine level. However, this level lacks game goals and has a ten-year time scale, which requires slowing down the world around us. I did this work as a pioneer, in which I certainly made mistakes, so correcting them is a matter for those who move to this level. However, there was a need for these people to be able to relax, recharge and play, so the Admin-Game level was created, which can only be accessed from the Admin-Admin level. I am currently testing this and developing its framework.

Because the flexibility and capacity of a hologram is quite large, it is difficult to explain its diversity in a few sentences. However, the concepts are worth clarifying. What you call Heaven on Earth corresponds to the holo game in the admin language. However, there is another world that would theoretically be the same, yet it has been given a separate zone for the descending consciousnesses. This admin name is Reality Simulation, where holo films run. In the holo game, there is free will, that is, the possibility of decision, without which we would feel our presence not as heaven but as hell. In holofilms, however, there is only an extremely authentic illusion of this, which also meets the demands of the spiritual world. There is another such category, and that is the holoshow, where as a common set, these spheres can appear together. This category is also suitable for trials, selection, rivalry and competition.

Everyone is the protagonist of their own film, which has a basic genre. When you meet others and interact with each other, we call them meaningful and non-meaningful encounters. In the case of non-substantive encounters, they participated as actors and statisticians in the other’s film, while in the case of substantive encounters, they played the title role and the lead role. In such encounters, the genres are also mixed with each other, but they may even preclude these encounters if the genres are incompatible with each other. If, for example, my genre is comedy, I have a hard time meeting a horror film or a crime scene, though it’s not impossible. So much information is plentiful enough to get anyone in the picture.